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Book Club!!!

Went to my first ever book club tonight and I have to say it was surprisingly good!! We meet once a month and my first book to read and discuss is The Memory Keepers Daughter. Makes a change from the chick lit!!

Made sure I didn't drink the wine at the library - didn't want to get kicked out for being drunk!!!!!! HA ha drunk at Thetford library!!!! Oooh and I didn't eat any crisps - the diet is going well! :-D
Jesus I HATE this boody pc world! In my first aid course this morning "we are not allowed to say brainstorm we now have to say thought shower"!!! WTF?!?!?! WHO would be offended with brainstorm?!?!?!?!?!?! Is the storm upset as it doesn't want to be with the brain?!?!! At least shower is happy to be with thought! Some people just have TOO much time on their hands!

I Just Had

to be different! I went to the opticians and as he was doing the tests I asked how my eyes were. "Yes they are ok. The right one has changed but other than that they are ok. The trouble with your eyes is you are short-sighted (yep knew that!) and have a stigma in one eye and long-sighted and a stigma in the other eye"! What?!?! Miss Naive here thought you was either long or short-sighted not both!!! :-(

Is It......

.....wrong of me to want Andy Murray to lose?! I can't stand him.

Aug. 18th, 2008

He he on the canaries website our manager says "more points will come" I bloody hope so as our one point isn't going to be any good at the end of the season is it?!

Is It

so wrong of me to laugh about China getting in a state as their best athlete is out injured?!?!?! Welcome to Great Britain's world! At least our news readers don't cry about it! Forget about Georgia/Russia, Iraq, children world-wide suffering with all sorts of life-threatening illnesses the real tragedy is a hurdler is out of the Olympics!

I'm in a bitchy mood as I'm tired but I can't be bothered to go to bed!

WTF was Paula Radcliffe doing attempting to run the marathon (boohoo she didnt win oh no its ok she did finish ;-D)?!?! HELLO the only marathon you will finish is the chocolate bar (ha ha I'm showing my age!)!! What I don't understand is why one of our youngsters who was also injured had to take part in a run the day before she was due to race to make sure she was fit enough yet Paula didn't?! Why is it one rule for one....

What Is IT...

..that makes an innocent law-abiding citizen (i.e. ME!) feel like some mastermind criminal as soon as they see the police?!?!?! I just don't understand it. When I'm driving and I have a police car behind me my head is glued to the rear view mirror (I seem to forget about the traffic in front of me!) and I am paranoid they are going to pull me over for being a woman driver or something! If I see the police when I'm out I want to confess to every crime in the WORLD even tho I've done nothing wrong! Today I had two police 'specials' (I don't know what makes them so special) turn up. They just gave me a letter to pass on. I panicked when I saw the police radios! :-/


PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): The world's oldest penises are 400 million
years old. Discovered in Scotland in 2001, they're part of the fossilized
remains of an arachnid species known as daddy longlegs. In reporting their
find, the paleontologists marveled that the reproductive organ was two-
thirds the size of the entire creature. Let's make this ancient genital a
power symbol for you, Pisces. (If you prefer, you can focus on the 400-
million-year-old daddy longlegs' vaginas that were also found.) I hope it
inspires you to think back to the time when your sexual desires first
began to stir. The future of your intimate relationships will benefit from
you reconnecting to the primal purity of your original erotic urges.

Only In England.......

The top news story is Wayne Rooney getting married to whatserface! Never mind all the wars, accidents etc going on in the world!!!


I don't believe it - I look out the window and there is a SNAKE on the drive!!!!! I'm trapped inside until the snake slithers away or my parents come back. Its not a big snake and is just a grass snake (I think)!



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